Justin Tilghman, PhD - Helping you move from overwhelmed, frustrated, and aimless into the integrated, balanced, and fulfilling life you were created for! šŸ‘Š

Justin Tilghman, PhD

Helping you move from overwhelmed, frustrated, and aimless into the integrated, balanced, and fulfilling life you were created for! šŸ‘Š

I love seeing people succeed, thrive, and live into all that they were created to be. ā€‹ I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted, anxious, and aimless. I know what it's like to be afraid to take that first step toward your dream. I know what it's like to say "yes" to something less when you really want to say "yes" to something more. ā€‹ I also know the joy, peace, fulfillment, and satisfaction that comes from living the life you were created for and I want as many people as possible to experience that. So, I work with clients from around the world to help them move from a space of being overwhelmed, stuck, and frustrated into a life that is integrated, balanced, and fulfilling!

"Meeting with Justin has been incredibly helpful and insightful. Justin asks all the right questions to get you to really think about what your passions are. He has a very intimate, personal approach which will assure you that he really deeply cares about you and your future. As someone who has had uncertainty about my professional future, I have found that meeting with Justin was just what I needed to begin shaping the future I am best suited for. If you are in a place of confusion regarding your professional future and need clarity, I would 100% endorse meeting with Justin."

Jacob Valliere

I have been working with Justin for about a month now. I can tell a difference in all aspects of my life. I came to him, telling him I wanted to go from overwhelmed to overflow and that is exactly what is happening. If you are looking for a coach that will challenge you but will also help and guide you through the hard questions of your life he is your guy. I never thought I could afford a life coach, now I don't think I can afford not to have o

Justin S.

Working with Justin has been extremely valuable to my personal and professional life. His confidential and knowledgeable Christian approach is reassuring through many of life's challenges. He has helped me in strengthening my ability to stop, recharge, and find essential balance in life.

Darla B.

Justin is very tactful, knowledgeable, and passionate for helping others progress and learn. The things I have learned from him I apply in my everday work life.

TyRay F.

I have been utilizing Justin for about 1-2 months now. Looking back from I came from till now is a complete 180. I have enjoyed my time with him imensely..It's like sitting with an old friend and reviewing your life. I initially sought his council for my son who is transitioning from high school to adulthood; to maybe help him see what the next few years could hold. However reading Justins bio and speaking with him the first time I realized that I needed help a little more. I honestly didn't believe there was a thing as "burnt out"; however I had found myself in position in my life where everything seemed dark, there was no light, and I just didnt care. Especially in my career that I love so much. By speaking to Justin each week i have been able to gain a new perscpective that I wasn't able to see before. Im finally excited about the possibilities again within my career and personal life. As I continue moving forward I know I am going to see even more changes that ripple throughout my life and relationships.

Danielle Guin

Dr. Tilghman has been a great help to me. His creative and practical approach to leadership has produced outstanding results. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Jordan P.

Justin is top-notch. He has a passion for fostering relationships and is a strong motivator and encourager for his clients.

Diane C.

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