Justin Tilghman, PhD - You were made to flourish and to thrive!

Justin Tilghman, PhD

You were made to flourish and to thrive!

***My client schedule is currently full. Please email me at justin@balancedcc.com to inquire about being placed on the waiting list*** Current clients, please use the "Client Login" button to access your client portal.

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"Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth with Justin has been an incredible experience that I am truly grateful for. Through his guidance, I have witnessed remarkable transformations in both my spiritual journey and my daily life. Justin's unique approach to coaching goes beyond just setting goals; he delves deep into understanding the essence of who you are, your aspirations, and the barriers that might be holding you back. His compassionate and non-judgmental demeanor creates a safe space where I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts, fears, and dreams. One of the most profound areas of growth has been in my spiritual walk. Justin's guidance has helped me connect with my inner self on a much deeper level. He provided me with the tools to explore my beliefs, values, and purpose in life. His insightful discussions and thought-provoking exercises encouraged me to explore spirituality in a way that felt authentic to me. As a result, I have experienced a newfound sense of peace, clarity, and alignment with my spiritual beliefs. Beyond the spiritual aspect, working with Justin has significantly impacted my daily life. His practical strategies and tailored action plans have empowered me to make positive changes in various areas, from time management to communication skills. Justin's ability to break down complex challenges into manageable steps has been invaluable in helping me overcome obstacles and achieve personal milestones. What truly sets Justin apart is his genuine investment in his clients' well-being and growth. He doesn't just offer advice; he actively listens, asks thought-provoking questions, and provides unwavering support. His commitment to my journey was evident in the progress I've made under his guidance. In retrospect, my decision to work with Justin has been life-changing. The growth I have experienced, both spiritually and in my daily life, is a testament to his expertise and dedication. If you are seeking a coach who will walk alongside you, empower you to unlock your potential, and guide you towards meaningful transformation, I wholeheartedly recommend Justin. His impact on my journey is immeasurable, and I am excited to continue this path of growth with him by my side."

Justin Spainhoward

Before I started working with Justin I was feeling stuck in my life, directionless, and defeated to say the least. I knew that I needed professional help if I wanted to make visible changes in my life. I chose to team up with Justin because I felt myself being challenged and growing even from my first consultation, and afterwards feeling a sense of excitement and hope. During sessions, I found myself processing information in new ways, making changes to my thinking, and putting this into practice in my life. I also feel that Justin is invested in my success and shows up present, with a wealth of knowledge and just as motivated as me to create progress and success in my life. While working with Justin, I have uncovered what my values are and what my current purpose is, I discovered various limiting beliefs and tools to work through them. I have had so many powerful breakthroughs that have given me clarity and completely shifted my mindset. I am sure if we had not met I would still be spinning my wheels, stuck in the same spot I was in months ago: exhausted, frustrated and not knowing if and how things would ever change. I would say to anyone who is in a situation similar to where I was and is looking for help, give yourself the gift of working with Justin, I have no doubt you will gain clarity, hope and an excitement for life that may not feel possible now.

Chloe Doxtad, USA

Justin has been my mindset mentor ever since I first found his book and met him. Through his inspiration and mentoring of me, I have seen a lot of changes in my life and he has helped me to understand why God created me and the purpose He has for my life. Through his mentoring of me, so many people in Kenya are now learning from his work as I carry his teachings into my work in the Kenyan prisons.

Samwel Masore, Kenya

Meeting with Justin has been incredibly helpful and insightful. Justin asks all the right questions to get you to really think about what your passions are. He has a very intimate, personal approach which will assure you that he really deeply cares about you and your future. As someone who has had uncertainty about my professional future, I have found that meeting with Justin was just what I needed to begin shaping the future I am best suited for. If you are in a place of confusion regarding your professional future and need clarity, I would 100% endorse meeting with Justin.

Jacob Valliere

Working with Justin has been extremely valuable to my personal and professional life. His confidential and knowledgeable Christian approach is reassuring through many of life's challenges. He has helped me in strengthening my ability to stop, recharge, and find essential balance in life.

Darla Boseman, USA

I have worked in the mental health field for over 15 years so I know a lot more than the average mom about disorders. When my son started to have symptoms of debilitating OCD I knew just what to do. I quickly worked to find him the best Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) therapist and psychiatrist I could find. I found amazing doctors for both but neither seemed to help him as much as I was hoping they would. I was honestly feeling kind of hopeless when I heard about Justin, but I figured a complimentary meeting regarding a new intervention was too big of an opportunity to miss so I scheduled the appointment. I am very thankful that I did. I truly believe Justin helped my son more in one hour than his amazing highly rated OCD specialist doctors have done in years of treatment. I believe Justin has a God given talent to help people and he is well worth a consultation. Thank you so much Justin for offering this service it is truly a blessing.

Beckie Shellenberger, USA

Justin is a great coach and a lovely man with pure intention. He is one of the few people working in the life purpose space who really gets it, knows what it takes and how to get there. I highly recommend him.

Adam Tallamy; London, England

I have been utilizing Justin for about 1-2 months now. Looking back from I came from till now is a complete 180. I have enjoyed my time with him imensely..It's like sitting with an old friend and reviewing your life. I initially sought his council for my son who is transitioning from high school to adulthood; to maybe help him see what the next few years could hold. However reading Justins bio and speaking with him the first time I realized that I needed help a little more. I honestly didn't believe there was a thing as "burnt out"; however I had found myself in position in my life where everything seemed dark, there was no light, and I just didnt care. Especially in my career that I love so much. By speaking to Justin each week i have been able to gain a new perscpective that I wasn't able to see before. Im finally excited about the possibilities again within my career and personal life. As I continue moving forward I know I am going to see even more changes that ripple throughout my life and relationships.

Danielle Guin

Dr. Tilghman has been a great help to me. His creative and practical approach to leadership has produced outstanding results. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Jordan Pate, USA

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